About us

Our tourism and travel agency has been launched to react to traveling questions and requests about Morocco. Our group has a reliable esteem, thus we decided to create “Roaming in Morocco” to meet the increasing travelers’ needs who always pick Morocco as their next destination.
Roaming in Morocco has highly qualified tour operators, proficient tour guides and experienced vehicle drivers. They all have one slogan, which is to give you the best of Morocco through quality services, hospitality and a wide smile!
Our main goal includes arranging a wide range of day trips and tours that match your most loved places in Morocco. Our coordinations comprise of comfortable and new vehicles (air-conditioned). Our HR are prepared to serve you with booking arrangements itineraries, and furthermore help you during the tour till you are completely satisfied. we strive as best as we can to give you the ultimate comfort and joy and under any circumstances.
Providing the best care is something we strongly attempt to guarantee. Furthermore, our staff knows questions and orders before and during the tour. Just choose your dream tour and let Roamin in Morocco prepare it. From exploring the ancient cities to busy markets, endless dunes and desert, Atlas mountains, coastal shorelines, different and unique culture, history and heritage; we’re sure you’ll have the time of your life in Morocco!

Tours and offers:
– Private tours
– 1 day tours
– Camel trekking
– Solo tours
– Family tours
– honeymoon tours package

Please Contact us for a tour request or any questions regarding our services.